Ring #6 Parade

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Ring #6 parade album

The link above gives a more in depth look at the energy from the parade on Boylston Street,Boston.

Every time the sound of an engine arose on the parade route everyone became excited with anticipation of the possibilities, that it was the first of many Duck Boats filled with the players, coaches, employees and their families.  celebrating another well earned championship for the Patriots.

It is great to get out there among the crowd, to capture the energy and joy as fans and as a community. What will next year hold for the team and for us? Well, with TB12 at the helm we have learned to never, ever count the New England Patriots out!


Photo enthusiast


How do we look at the world?


Do we look beyond what is right in front of us? Do we dig a bit deeper? Why? Why not?


I believe that your perception is built on experiences and circumstances that guide and shape you, the more you experience the more you grow. I know from experience that this helps overcome the pain. Whether you have a camera or your phone, keep shooting! Keep exploring, and keep moving forward. Your life is valuable, but it takes work to find out who you want to be and where you want to go!

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beard-21It takes 20 seconds of courage to take positive action in your life.

In this video on Facebook I speak about courage, click the link to listen in FB LIVE video

My goal daily is to help you see something in me that helps something click in you to battle for instead of against yourself.

I found hobbies, photography and fitness to help un clutter my mind and help my body heal as  well. Becoming plant based helped me to get the best out of myself from the healing power from the plants too. I guess you could say I got out of my own way and realized that just because somebody you love taught you something doesn’t mean they knew the best way in the first place, find out for yourself what’s best for you.

Here is my photography if you want to take a look Alan Scherer Photographer portfolio


One of my images will be among the 40 hanging on the walls of the Fitchburg Art Museum this February as part of the Igcentralmass exhibition in the community gallery space. Stop by today and see all they have to offer for art buffs and the local Central Mass community at large today. We are having an open to the public get together to celebrate the photo enthusiasts and their work Feb 16th from 2-4 #igcentralmassfamshow at this link you can rsvp. Thank you in advance for supporting local small businesses, artists and Central Mass. Here is my submission to the exhibition, it is available for sale.


Coggshall Park, Fitchburg Mass.

Photo motivation


Every time I click the shutter it is another piece of my time that get’s a chance to shine, a subject, the light surrounding it and the place I am standing, becoming one, forever frozen in time for all to dissect and take in as they continue down a path towards their own destination.

Embrace each other.

If we allow the moment to happen without one iota of control, real life truly happens. When you look around what do you see? What attracts your attention, what do you enjoy  looking at? It’s different things that trigger us. I am triggered by the emotional energy being shared in the crowd, the passion of the people sharing the moments unabated. The real story can be told in those moments, without any words or coaxing to guide them.


In any given situation we can work together to carry the heavy loads the world throws at us, better. If we just take a moment to pick our head up and look around. Each moment is an opportunity to create something beautiful through how you choose to act in it.

8 Years Strong.


A Self Portrait

Today is January 4, 2018.

Today, 8 years ago I took responsibility for my own LIFE.

8 years ago I made a decision that has forever reshaped my life.

January 4, 2010 around 10:35 am I asked myself if this was all I had to offer myself or the world around ME?

Thankfully I said NO! No way, there is so much more out there and inside of myself to be a part of.

If you want to see a bit deeper into me, check out a few links.


Fitchburg Sentinal article on my battle with Bipolar Disorder

Mclean Hospital Mental Health Campaign

In 2018 my goal is to slow down and enjoy every moment a little deeper.


This pic was taken on January 10th, 2010 just after my epiphany. What a long, strange wonderful road it has been so far, stay tuned it’s only going to get better!

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