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Am I the HULK

The hulk within


I try not to suffer, I try to slow down and enjoy the act of simply breathing. I wish it was that easy!

The mind can DESTROY as much as EMPOWER. If you sit in your own head you will after a long period of time defeat yourself.

Taking HEALTHY forward ACTION is the only way to really combat the self doubt and FEAR.

You should be more ACTIVE than you are STILL. Even thought stillness is good. Our bodies need PHYSICAL activity to stay young and vibrant as well as HEALTHY eating.

Don’t WORRY, it’s all a PROGRESSION!

Take the baby steps necessary to allow yourself to move forward and you will see perhaps, it’s not as scary as we let ourselves BELIEVE!


Deconstructing Stigma, our stories


Alan Scherer Photographer website

I’ve grown up a lot in my 43 plus years, some years more than others. I of course have fallen,may times but thankfully even if begrudgingly I get up. I get up to make right many things that have been wrong in my life through much inner reflection on the things I could control and the things that were out of my a child we have no control except for our thoughts and in turn how we choose to act even through the serious pains of family life. Don’t give up.Don’t give in to the world you were born into for it lasts not forever.

You will have time to overcome the pain and torment of your family and yourself, as long as you are willing to take the responsibility for TODAY and what you choose to do with it from moment to moment. Your decisions shape your present and your future.

The only thing that stands in our way is FEAR, but of what? Once you realize that answer you can move forward. For there is no FEAR but FEAR itself. So to beat FEAR you need just do the thing you FEAR and give yourself a chance to see if the FEAR is actually real or just built up in your mind? Just TRY!

I think that every time we face FEAR  it loses, because it’s not unknown anymore. The first step takes the FEAR away because you are taking forward action and that is powerful.

I am part of a project with Mclean Hospital in Belmont, Mass. where we are working to shed a positive light on tSTIGMA that surrounds Mental Illness and our Mental Health. I hope you will click the links and maybe see something about yourself in our stories that may help you realize you are not alone in this battle,the battle to rebuild the Human Spirit.


Shining the light on Mental Health and Wellness

Here is the article I am in the Fitchburg &  Sentinal Enterprise in Central Massachusetts.

Article on Mental Health

Rainy day

rain flowers-18

Through the rain drops we can still see ahead of us, we can still keep on moving through them. We may feel every drop by it can only saturate us so much before it just stops being important anymore. Once we are so drenched in the water left by the rain we can realize that it cannot hurt us. And in that moment we truly become free. Nothing is so powerful over us that we can’t let it go. We are the only thing that can keep ourselves from enjoying the cleansing power of the rain or enjoying the feeling of splashing in the puddles that form around us. Be the kid in the puddle not the adult trying to avoid the drops.


An album of today and the flowers in the rain



Still Focus

Walk YOUR path.

How difficult is living?

Waking up and then going to bed are 2 things we are sure hopeful to do, aren’t we?

Why are we so scared to follow our gut? Afraid to make the moment really count? Afraid to fall? Afraid to fail? Why has it been ingrained in us that we are weak?  When we are truly strong,powerful, and real.

How can we change anything about our lives, the world we live in or the planet we live on if we are not first willing to change ourselves for the better?

Nothing can or will change if each and everyone of us is unwilling to look in the mirror.  We need to tackle the mold we were taught to try and fill for people who never had our best interests in mind in the first place.  A mold where we were just supposed to be like everyone else and…

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We are free if we choose to be!

Still Focus

Around the bend in the road ahead.

I can tell you I never battled so hard before.

A healthy, positive life is so worth battling your old habits and reflexes for.

The greatest gift you can give yourself is Freedom.

Freedom from expectations.

Freedom from guilt.

Freedom from toxic relationships.

Freedom from pain.

Freedom from worry.

Freedom from fear.

Freedom from yesterday.

Freedom from tomorrow.

And the Freedom of today.


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