8 Years Strong.


A Self Portrait

Today is January 4, 2018.

Today, 8 years ago I took responsibility for my own LIFE.

8 years ago I made a decision that has forever reshaped my life.

January 4, 2010 around 10:35 am I asked myself if this was all I had to offer myself or the world around ME?

Thankfully I said NO! No way, there is so much more out there and inside of myself to be a part of.

If you want to see a bit deeper into me, check out a few links.


Fitchburg Sentinal article on my battle with Bipolar Disorder

Mclean Hospital Mental Health Campaign

In 2018 my goal is to slow down and enjoy every moment a little deeper.


This pic was taken on January 10th, 2010 just after my epiphany. What a long, strange wonderful road it has been so far, stay tuned it’s only going to get better!

Elizabeth and I have an online store for our new brand LittleBits of LIFE storefront on Teespring click the link and step into our life.


Anna’s Cafe Charlestown Gallery event.


I looked forward to sharing my story and the artwork I have created overcoming Mental Illness along the way. I never thought I could open up like this or share my work and actually sell it for money either. But here we are and I can hold my head up through it all. Thanks Lord for your faith in me. My faith in you keeps me going on my way, today.

Thanks to Rapper Getty D for capturing the moment,well! I appreciate it so much.

You can stop by Anna’s Cafe at 275 Medford Street in Charlestown, Mass. daily to admire or even purchase a piece or 2. I hope you do. Support local art and overcoming the Stigma of Mental Illness along the way.

Alan Scherer Photographer website

Alan Scherer Photographer on 500px.com

Am I the HULK

The hulk within


I try not to suffer, I try to slow down and enjoy the act of simply breathing. I wish it was that easy!

The mind can DESTROY as much as EMPOWER. If you sit in your own head you will after a long period of time defeat yourself.

Taking HEALTHY forward ACTION is the only way to really combat the self doubt and FEAR.

You should be more ACTIVE than you are STILL. Even thought stillness is good. Our bodies need PHYSICAL activity to stay young and vibrant as well as HEALTHY eating.

Don’t WORRY, it’s all a PROGRESSION!

Take the baby steps necessary to allow yourself to move forward and you will see perhaps, it’s not as scary as we let ourselves BELIEVE!


Six months.

Pennsylvania run ready!

Six months ago we met.

Six months ago we had coffee at Crema’ for hours.

Six months ago you listened as I talked.

Six months ago you wanted to ask me questions.

Six months ago I wanted to give you answers.

Six months ago you let me in.

Six months ago I didn’t even know I could.

Six months a go you took a chance.

Six months ago so did I.

Six months ago we opened up to possabilities.

And today we are so much more for it!

Elizabeth Jordan Carr I love you from here to Pluto!

(It is still a planet you know, just ask littleman he knows!)

~Alan Peter.