Gallery Event Charlestown, Mass

Adobe Spark (29)

Tonight will hopefully be the first of many moments I share of myself and my work with the world around me.

Celebrating my Mental Illness and the struggles I have gone through is tough. It opens old wounds and shows off lasting scars that life has provided along my path.

I will not stand idly by and allow others to not realize that they to can overcome the pain of the past. The power lies in understanding yesterday and tomorrow aren’t real but today is. Live in the thought that what you do today will create a brighter tomorrow and that is where  true Self Empowerment lies.

I hope if you are around Boston or Charlestown this evening you might stop in buy a piece of local art and see what Mental Health means to many including myself.

We are #strongertogether so let’s share good vibes and good conversation about how we move forward as a community, together.


Cape Cod

Chatham Fish Pier

Growing up on Cape Cod I have always felt a love for the ocean and the beautiful towns that call it home.. Chatham they say is a drinking village with a fishing problem when they joke around but truly the lower cape captures the spirit and love of Cape Cod with a strength and desire to be something special for generations to come. Oh Cape cod how I love you with your sand dunes and salty air that leave me sticky and in need of cleansing care, whether wading in the low tide hours trying to catch a wandering crab or just picking up the beautiful shells that you have laid everywhere for us to wonder at… It is truly a family affair for young and old that keep this place together, living, breathing so come from near or far to experience the best that we have to offer for we long to share this moment with you rain or shine. You may come for a moment or stay for some time just remember we are here for you when you have the time. This Cape cod is ours not just yours or mine, let us realize the true opportunities that lie upon the horizon that make us shine.


An artistic view

An artistic view