Bigger than ME.


I made a choice 7 years ago, a choice to see what is possible if I overcome the pain of my past self. Being Bipolar is a blessing and a curse!

I started stepping out in Faith, with a little bit of Hope that I could be better if I faced my Demons.

I chose to start moving forward in a new pair of running shoes and shape my 265 lb frame into one that uses food for fuel far more than to fill the emptiness I may feel inside.

I picked up a Canon DSLR and started facing the day in brighter ways that I could share with the world through the internet by what I saw from behind the lens.

March 10th at 275 Medford Street Charlestown, Mass is a big day for me in ways that say, you are headed in the right direction Alan. We will gather from 7 to 9 pm to share my work and great spirits.

I cannot live my life without trying to help others who are suffering inside themselves as well. I hope I am making a difference by learning to be a better example for myself and to share it out into the world even though doing so can be painful.

Alan Scherer Photographer

Alan Scherer Photographer @



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