Deconstructing Stigma, our stories


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I’ve grown up a lot in my 43 plus years, some years more than others. I of course have fallen,may times but thankfully even if begrudgingly I get up. I get up to make right many things that have been wrong in my life through much inner reflection on the things I could control and the things that were out of my a child we have no control except for our thoughts and in turn how we choose to act even through the serious pains of family life. Don’t give up.Don’t give in to the world you were born into for it lasts not forever.

You will have time to overcome the pain and torment of your family and yourself, as long as you are willing to take the responsibility for TODAY and what you choose to do with it from moment to moment. Your decisions shape your present and your future.

The only thing that stands in our way is FEAR, but of what? Once you realize that answer you can move forward. For there is no FEAR but FEAR itself. So to beat FEAR you need just do the thing you FEAR and give yourself a chance to see if the FEAR is actually real or just built up in your mind? Just TRY!

I think that every time we face FEAR  it loses, because it’s not unknown anymore. The first step takes the FEAR away because you are taking forward action and that is powerful.

I am part of a project with Mclean Hospital in Belmont, Mass. where we are working to shed a positive light on tSTIGMA that surrounds Mental Illness and our Mental Health. I hope you will click the links and maybe see something about yourself in our stories that may help you realize you are not alone in this battle,the battle to rebuild the Human Spirit.


Shining the light on Mental Health and Wellness

Here is the article I am in the Fitchburg &  Sentinal Enterprise in Central Massachusetts.

Article on Mental Health


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