Man, I have hit some milestones but this is one of my greatest. I have been through so many struggles just to keep breathing on a daily basis. I have seen and been part of so many situations that weren’t necessary at all.

Or were they? Isn’t every moment big and small important to our growth and progress forward?

Today 6 years ago I moved to Watertown,MA which was a huge step forward for me. I was living in Fort Myers, FL for the 5 years prior and had been doing my best to kill myself with drugs,alcohol as well as relationships with people who had no idea who they were or how to treat me. Ya to say it bluntly I needed to move on from the panhandle!

I am a fighter for you and for me, I will fight with you, for our own best intertests lie deeply in my heart. I know today is all we have and it is important to let go of so much for it to become a brighter more impactful tomorrow.

I struggle everyday to become stronger and more open with who I am and why GOD spared my life. Ya, he spared me when I was 11. I committed suicide with my purple karate belt. You choose that when you want to succeed at getting that job done well, because if you have seen a karate belt you know it is terribly long.

Living on borrowed time I realize how hard it is to allow ourselves to be OK!

We have so many people teaching us bad habits and self loathing. Why would anyone choose to do that to children? They don’t choose to really, nobody in their right mind would want to hand down that part of themselves to the ones they love but generation after generation gives that terrible gift away to the next offspring in line.

I try everyday to show by the example I become how to change that and how to let the EGO go! But is anyone listening? I hope so for it is the only way our civilization can change for the better.

We are all BEAUTIFUL messes, embrace it!

look in here:

500px portfolio

flickr too!

I am part of a competition you can vote on if you like? Please if you vote leave a comment it helps them and it helps me see just what my photography and passion means to you. Photo contest link

A Self Portrait


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