Today. BOSTON.

Embrace each other.

Today, is a day we will never forget.

Today, is a day we will always remember.

Today, is the day he was found guilty.

Today, is the day we can take a deep breath.

Today, is the moment we can realize we can move forward.

Today, is an opportunity to grow.

Today, is a moment of reflection.

Today, we can look at each other and know we have been through something together.

Today, we can realize we are not in this alone.

Today, we have an opportunity to forgive.

Today, we can realize that fear may have brought us here, but with our faith in each other it cannot stay.

Today, we can help each other heal.




  1. Carole Asswad · April 8, 2015

    Why does it seem so hard for us Human Beings to Just love eachother?


    • Alan Scherer Photographer · April 9, 2015

      It goes against everything we are shown, we try to fit a mold that should have been destroyed before Cain killed Abel. The Devil has done a great job at helping the world forget him. And that is the answer. We need to starve our EGO and feed our SOUL with stillness and allowance. We are the LIGHT and we need to remember why we were given life in the first place, LOVE.


    • Alan Scherer Photographer · March 8, 2017

      this is a great question that is still to be answered.


  2. Alan Scherer Photographer · October 27, 2015

    Reblogged this on Still Focus and commented:

    Healing fulfills us


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