Knock down the wall.Boston.

My old blog, trying to use just StillFocus but there are good reads on crossfitrunner73. ENJOY!


I am running the Boston route 4 times in 2 days a Saturday and Sunday this coming May, the 9th and 10th. 52.4 miles a day it is the 3rd year I will conquer a very difficult route.

May of 2013 I conquered 30 miles of Summit Ave hill in Brookline for kids with mental Illness. It took 7 hours, 37.5 hills

Last May was 300 sections of Harvard Stadium the time it took was a running time of 6 hours 24 minutes.

I grew up in a very dysfunctional, mentally ill household as the oldest grandson of MLB Outfielder Jimmy Piersall. I suffered from Mental Illness and have overcome it with fitness such as Running, Crossfit and the November Project plus my camera. Oh ya no medication just will power and FAITH.

The story of me is intense and epic, but worth being a part of on those 2…

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