MY View of NP Today.

Hugging Danny Boy is like hugging a bit of heaven.

Hugging Danny Boy is like hugging a bit of heaven.

I took to the hill with my girlfriend Elizabeth, we woke up wicked early to be there. We were looking forward to seeing everybody, the energy is usually infectious.  This morning it didn’t seems so much like that.  It seemed like just another workout in a we do this everyday sort of way, so what?

I know that the Dad’s have moved on but should their spirit be gone from this as well?  Brogan and Bojan always had a way to make you feel welcome.  They would seek out the moments to get us to reach out to each other and become more than just people working out together.

I have been gone myself for a few months, but I love the opportunity to #justshowup and bring a bit of myself back to each and every person who took the time to #justshowup as well.  I want to always give more than I receive in any moment I am part of but Friday just seemed lukewarm.

Was it the 100 inches of snow?  Was it not having the commitment of BG and Bojan anymore? Was it that you’re all just part of the group now trying to just fit in?  How did something so good,so real and so infectious become the same old rat race?

I hope I am wrong. I hope I am really wrong, because I have been part of this since it’s beginning,when everything was beautifully organic.  It wasn’t the workout itself that mattered most, it was the we all live here in Boston so let’s get to know each other as well. I have myself grown so much from being part of this “Tribe”/community in ways I am not sure I would have without it. But, at what point did it become the in thing to do.  The cliquey cool kid thing to do where you only hug your friends and don’t help the new people or the ones that aren’t frequent to the NP lovefest feel welcomed?

There have been times that I have wanted to walk away myself because certain people overstepped their bounds.  But instead I voiced my displeasure and kept showing up to high 5, FUCK YA! and inspire/motivate myself and everyone else to levels we didn’t know possible. But, and there’s always buts even to things you enjoy doing like NP.  Is something that was organically moving forward on it’s own, before it was being mass produced, always going to be something we need?

Well, in my opinion, I hope it finds it’s way back to the place that is more important than the breakfast you have afterwards.


The newbie group.

The newbie group.


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